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Ukrainian Tech Ventures
Venture Capital Fund focused on technology companies founded by Ukrainian immigrants in Europe & US
social challenge
Millions of Ukrainian entrepreneurs who are immigrating to Europe and the US may encounter difficulties in attracting capital to their startups because of cultural and social differences.
Their main problem may be lack of professional finance
Join us to support Ukrainian Tech Startups

our mission

We are the first nonprofit rolling fund focused on early-stage startups founded by Ukrainian immigrants. We aim to be the ‘bridge’ that connects these startups with the leading European & US venture capital funds

We are former immigrants supporting new tech immigrants
We see Ukrainian Tech Ventures as a humanitarian initiative
This venture fund is able to support Ukrainian entrepreneurs who have made a tough decision to relocate to Western countries.
The main idea behind it — is to help Ukrainian founders re-start their business in a new location and then scale it up globally
We invest in early-stage private technology companies founded by Ukrainian immigrants in the US & Europe. Primarily, we will consider B2B solutions that go along with the UN Agenda 2030
& Seed
Europe & US
Ukrainian Founders
UN Agenda 2030
If you are a founder, feel free to ask any questions or pitch your startup. We carefully review all inquiries
A combination of deep expertise in venture capital business along with IT entrepreneurship
Roman Tyan
Founder of NRG Ventures
New York, USA
Roman has spent over 15 years in the venture capital business. In particular, he worked at the leading Eastern European venture funds, such as Fort Ross ($110m) and RMI Partners ($500m)
Over this time, he gained deep expertise in building startups with a total value of $10bn+. Roman is also a mentor at tier-1 startup accelerators Alchemist (US) and Techstars (EU)
Sergii Gill
Serial Ukrainian entrepreneur, ex-founder of Busfor
Kyiv, Ukraine
Sergii is a well-known serial IT entrepreneur, currently residing in Kyiv. Sergii founded Busfor — the leading bus-ticketing platform in Eastern Europe that was acquired by BlaBlaCar for $89m. He is also a co-founder of Apollo — an Intelligent Global Distribution system that provides one API for multimodal trips.
Sergii has the necessary first-hand experience and knowledge to assess the needs of Ukrainian-founded startups
Guarantee of Success
History has shown that Ukrainian founders are among the most ambitious, tech-savvy and skilled entrepreneurs in the tech sector. We believe this tendency will only increase, and new unicorns will appear in the nearest future. This fact combined with our venture expertise and our team’s professional and personal background ensures the fund’s success
Venture Fund
Ukrainian Startups
Ukrainian Tech Ventures is a social business initiative carried out by NRG Ventures — a new generation $150m venture capital fund that operates since April 2021 and has already closed 9 investment deals. The experience, resources, and international network connections of NRG Ventures will contribute greatly to Ukrainian Tech Ventures as well as provide its startups with the possibility of future investments
Acquired by Meta
for $19bn
$5bn, IPO
$112bn, IPO
$9bn, IPO
We see Ukrainian Tech Ventures as both a commercial and humanitarian initiative. That is why we do not charge a carry fee. Moreover, we take a reduced management fee, so as to cover our costs only
Make an impact
Investing in Ukrainian Tech Ventures offers a strong humanitarian sense of purpose in terms of supporting Ukrainian immigrants
100% of profit
As an investor, you will gain 100% of investment profit
Easy to contribute
The minimum subscription amount is as low as $1,000 per month
This is a real chance to make a difference!